So What Keeps You Awake At Night?

As business owners we all have problems we are trying to solve.  What are yours?

Poor Cash Flow?

We often hear owners tell us that their business is profitable but “where’s the cash?”.

Been there, written the book (actually we have – check it out here).

Bottom line you need to learn about how the Financials work and the hidden opportunity within.

They don’t need to be scary. Consider the BusinessBalanceSheet Diagnostic.

Can't Get Access To Capital?

Getting additional capital to fund working capital, fund a new idea, or grow the business is often where our conversations start with business owners.

We can show you how to optimise what you’ve got with the BusinessBalanceSheet Diagnostic, as well as access debt, equity or a hybrid option through our Capital Concierge.

Challenges Managing Growth?

If you’ve built your business to a certain level, the chances are that you’ve had both ups and downs on your journey.

You know there is more potential to grow it but perhaps it has just become a struggle.

Two steps forward, three steps back.

You are looking for some consistency and approach that helps you manage it. Take a look at the Strategy Blueprint.

Needing To Introduce Some Governance?

As a business grows most of us realise that to achieve its true potential it can’t just be about the founder, their charisma, and their ego.

Except in the most rare cases, it just isn’t scaleable.

We can help you introduce some workable systems through the Strategy Blueprint and the Owner Blueprint.

Trying to Get 'On' Your Business Not 'In'?

Unless you are superhuman you can’t do everything.

One of the biggest frustrations of many owners is that they love their business but they don’t want to do every job in it.

They have become the “Fat Controller” where they are central to every activity and every decision.

It’s great for ego but terrible for lifestyle. But here’s the conundrum “how do you let go, but not have it go to custard?”.

It’s not straightforward, we admit, but we did it.

If you want to as well, check out the Owner Blueprint.

Wanting to Prepare For Exit?

Eventually, all of us are looking to move on from the business.

It might be through succession to the family, or management, or it might be a trade sale, private equity entry, or even an IPO!

This is a process that usually takes a couple years to orchestrate.

We can help through a series of solutions including the Owner Blueprint and the Capital Concierge (and maybe some of our other Concierge services as well)

So What’s Next?

Well you can either browse some of the Solutions we’ve prepared, or check out the Next Steps after that. We’d love to help.